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All over the world we see beautiful skylines developing in what were once undeveloped lands. As a society we have been building structures for thousands of years and we still find new ways to use materials to complete these projects. Here at Sanhe, we specialize in the development of new techniques for utilizing waste products, such as fly ash, carbide slag and mine tailings to produce new building materials. Sanhe places a special focus on the production of autoclaved bricks, aerated concrete blocks, concrete mixers and dry-mix mortar production plants. We operate a large manufacturing facility which is fully staffed by our experienced hard working personnel. We offer great production capacity along with our comprehensive customer service, we work hard to make sure you will never be left waiting for backordered items with no one to speak to.

In 2001, we reached a milestone when we supplied a complete set of equipment, including a brick press and autoclave for the first autoclaved fly ash brick production line in China. We are also very proud to be the first enterprise in China to develop both a silo and mixer for our special lightweight material blends. Our primary focuses are innovation and environmental responsibility and our clients have shown great appreciation for our green and competitively priced products.

One of our featured products is our in-house developed pre-cooled concrete mixing plant. Because of this equipment, we have an 85-percent market share in the hydropower industry. The strength of the mixing plant is unparalleled as it greatly outperforms similar machines produced all over the world. Sanhe’s combination of great products and an innovative staff with years of experience is hard to compete with.

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